About Us

Somehow, the excitement of meeting people face-to-face has been lost, as we have entrusted our romantic future to the impersonal world of online dating.

We wonder how to, or even if we should, respond to that message that just says, “hi”. We begin to question if we should actually meet any of the people we strike up an online conversation with; will they be a disappointment? Will they be disappointed? Shouldn’t dating be simpler than this?

Lovingly-made, personal introductions

That’s why at Finding Mr Darcy, you won’t find any online profiles; all of our personal introductions are lovingly made by our founder Claire. Our bespoke coaching service makes sure that you feel confident and relaxed on your dating journey. You can read more about that here.

We love bringing people together through unique and exciting events, where you can relax, be yourself and enjoy great company.

We’re about making real human connections, experiencing face-to-face interaction and having a great time doing it. It’s time to stop endlessly searching through online profiles and put the fun back into dating.