Navigating the festive season when you’re single at Christmas

Navigating the festive season when you’re single at Christmas

Enjoying the festive season can prove tough for even the most seasoned party animal. But what if you’re not a serial socialiser? What if you’re the new kid on the block or – dare we say it – single? We’ve put together five top tips to help you navigate the party season when you’re single at Christmas.


How many invitations have you turned down during the year? Looked at events on social media and decided that you’d like to go but not booked? It’s time to start saying yes. If you’re single and don’t want to be, you’ve got to start somewhere, and that place could be a lot worse than attending a fabulous party.

If the thought of this makes you want to crawl under a rock, try something else. Volunteer, join a team – just get involved. The world is your oyster at Christmastime: enjoy the moment.


There’s absolutely no point in attending a fabulous party or any other event for that matter, if all you’re going to do is hide behind your phone and play Candy Crush. Standing in a corner glued to your phone all night doesn’t exactly spell approachable. Your phone should come out to swap numbers and make dates, perhaps a selfie or two. It’s party use ends there.

We often use technology to mask the fact that we’re uncomfortable being in social situations. We sympathise, but spare a thought for the person who finds you attractive, wants to talk to you and who feels as anxious as you do. If they can make the effort, so can you.


If you play your Christmas cards right, this time of year is a prime time to be single. There’s so much going on, making it the perfect time to meet new people. And flirt with them.

At this time of year, the normal rules of dating simply do not apply. You can eat chocolate for breakfast; you can have a prosecco at lunch. Hell, you can even wear a Santa hat to your board meeting. So get out there and take a walk under that damned mistletoe!!

(Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any loss of employment resulting from this blog…).


So you’ve made it to the party, you’ve put away the phone. You’ve even taken the brave step of making eye contact. The last thing you need now is being unable to string a sentence together after three too many snowballs.

If you’re hoping to attract a partner, the days of ‘remember the time when Janet had to have her stomach pumped after that night out?’ being really hilarious are long gone – take it steady.


Gather your single friends; invite the new guy from accounts for a festive sherry. Find your army and run with them. You might find that your perfect match is right under your nose. At the very least, you’ve got people who are in exactly the same boat as you and who’ll have your back.

If after reading our top-notch advice you’re still not ready to take the leap, then relish the fact that you don’t have to spend Christmas looking grateful for a bagful of nonsense from your sister-in-law. Relish the freedom.

Because next year, you just never know……

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