The Joy of Food (and what not to eat on dates …)

The Joy of Food (and what not to eat on dates …)

Whilst planning for our future events, some of which or may not include food of some sort or another, we’ve been thinking about the best foods to eat on a date. You know, the types of food you can consume without looking like someone who’s never before seen food, attending an all you can eat buffet…


So, which cuisines are best avoided? And why is it that eating together is so good for the soul?

Certain Italian Dishes

Ah the food of love. It smells delicious and tastes incredible. We’re not saying avoid Italian completely, but choose wisely.

Unless you can carry it off like Lady and the Tramp, avoid spaghetti at all costs. Long awkward silences whilst you suck what feels like the worlds longest piece of pasta through your teeth, and delightful slurping noises reminiscent of a washing machine on its last cycle. Basically, unless you want your shirt to look like you’ve just lost a game of paintballing, avoid the Bolognese and go for something a little more ‘amore’.

Ribs and Wings

First things first: if you’re in a rib and wings joint, you might want to dream bigger.

Tasty they may be, but they’re also next to impossible to eat with a knife and fork. Picking up ribs and wings leaves your hands looking like you smoke 50 a day. Also, nothing says ‘romance is dead’ quite like a plate full of bones at the end of an evening. Think a little less caveman, and a little more gentleman.

Salads and Corn

Corn on the cob. The vegetable equivalent of a rack of ribs. Butter dripping down the chin, kernals stuck in your teeth, it’s beyond problematic from an etiquette perspective.

It’s the same with salad. Have you ever seen someone eat salad, like really eat salad? It’s like watching someone devour a tree. And the chewing – who knew a forkful of lettuce could be so persistent? Like corn, salads are never really gone. It’s as if your teeth were designed with the sole purpose of attracting spinach. Just order the fries.

Hot Dogs

Watching people eat hot dogs is Just. Plain. Weird. It conjures up so many unpleasant images. Hot dogs are for long-term relationships only, because some things, you just can’t unsee.

Stuff you can’t pronounce

To be honest, we’ve only just got our tonsils around quinoa (pronounced keen-wa btw); don’t make things difficult for yourself.

All we’re saying, is if you want to follow your crudités and tzatziki with a mouth-watering bouillabaisse and a side of edamame, make sure you’ve practiced how to say it first.

So what should you eat? Well, Thai food is always a winner, Not only is it delicious, light and exotic, it’s also stress-free; no-mess finger foods and noodles that wrap around the fork like a dream. And a good dessert never went amiss (particularly if it involves chocolate).

Bad date cuisine aside, food is the universal language, the one thing that we all have in common. Of all the shared experiences, cooking and eating together is just the best. In the words of Supper club founder Kerstin Rodgers, when enjoying food together “you’re obliged to make conversation. It’s about putting away your phone and making a social effort, relating to people face to face.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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