Why small lies cause big problems on your dating profile

Why small lies cause big problems on your dating profile

The online dating profile. A catalogue of half-truths and downright lies. Whilst studies have found that the most deceptive element of a person’s online profile is their picture, it doesn’t end there…


Every day, people tell what they believe are little white lies on their profiles. But just because a lie is simple, doesn’t mean its small.

Here we look at why small lies cause big problems when it comes to finding love online.


If you think this is a small lie, think again. According to OK Cupid when trying to attract a date, people inflate their earnings by as much as 20%.

This lie doesn’t work on any level. Never mind the fact that you may be attracting someone who’s only interested because of what you earn, how do you keep up the façade? At some point, your love interest is going to start wondering why you’re once again suggesting a packet of crisps and a pint down your local as opposed to dinner at The Ivy.

You can’t hide from this one. If someone’s put off by the amount of money you earn, they’re not for you.


When asked what you do for a living, it might seem like a great idea to say you’re a Consultant Neurosurgeon with a side-line in super-modelling, but you’re likely to come unstuck when someone shouts for a doctor and you find yourself thrust forward to save the day. Or when your date’s mum (who is an actual Neurosurgeon) wants to discuss the finer workings of the central nervous system…..

We’re not saying that ‘jobcentre attendee’ is the sort of thing that potential dates are looking for. It’s not. But a little common sense tells you that lie’s here are unsustainable.


Just to be clear, ‘slender’ or ‘athletic’ does not mean that you require two seats on an aeroplane. Nor is ‘5”9’ the appropriate description if you can’t see over the bar and played an elf in last years panto.

With so many Photoshop and filter apps at our disposal, we can practice the art of self-delusion to epic proportions. It’s time to stop with the dog-ears and flower garlands a la Snapchat and get real.

Attractiveness is totally subjective. Just be yourself, because anyone who doesn’t think you’re smoking doesn’t deserve you.


Yes. The profile picture looks like you. 20 years ago. If someone’s looking for a 50+ partner, they’ll say so.

Equally, your dates not going to be happy if she agreed to meet because you said you were a ‘suave, mature retiree’ and you rock up having just won an apprenticeship and still live at home with your parents.

Birth certificate’s don’t lie. Well, they do, but that’s a whole different ball game….

Dating isn’t easy. It takes time, energy and some serious confidence. Deception only makes it harder. If you still think the Internet’s the way to go, here are a few tips:

  • Ask questions – make sure the people you’re speaking with are who they say they are.
  • Look at photos – alarm bells should ring if they are heavily filtered, don’t show the face, only show the face etc.
  • Don’t agree to give anybody your money, even if they tell you that they are in desperate need. This one’s non-negotiable.

We’ve always believed in meeting people face to face. No online profiles, no polished pictures, just enjoyable and honest interaction. Come along to one of our events and join our dating revolution.

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